Canada-European Commission upcoming request for applications: $5.5M available to Canadian researchers for health data projects

The volume and complexity of digital health information available to researchers is increasing every day. This means the need for effective and efficient systems to manage data becomes more and more important. Existing repositories were generally developed independently, without shared, compatible data standards. Recognizing the expertise of researchers in Canada and the European Union who have experience building and administering data repositories to support biomedical research, CIHR, FRQS and the EC are proud to jointly support the development of a collaboration of stakeholders in Europe and Canada in the domain of storing, coordinating, integrating and sharing of human data.

Under this opportunity, CIHR and FRQS will fund projects that will build on data quality metrics, standards and access. Up to $5.5M of CIHR and FRQS funding will be available over four years to Canadian teams selected to participate in this collaboration. Further details will be published when available.

The Canadian Request for Applications will be published on ResearchNet in the near future.

For more information visit the European Commission.

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