Reforms of Open Programs and peer review: timeline
Designing for the future





  • CIHR embarks on a second cross-country tour to share the new design and transition plan.
  • CIHR participates in an international peer review symposium.
  • CIHR presents to the University Delegates.
  • Pilots to evaluate key design elements begins.
  • The 2013-2014 Open Operating Grant Program (OOGP) competitions are launched (application deadlines in September 2013 and March 2014).
  • The eligibility criteria for the Foundation Scheme "live pilot" competitions are published.
  • The 2014 Foundation Scheme Funding Opportunity is announced, providing details on the evaluation criteria and adjudication process in advance of the competition.



  • CIHR's International Review Panel report is published.
  • Preliminary design of the reforms is drafted.
  • Discussions with the research community begin to gather feedback on the draft design elements.
  • CIHR’s Science Council provides an update regarding Proposed Reforms of Open Programs and Peer Review.


  • Research into national and international health research practices is conducted.
  • Development and discussion of the new program and peer review design concepts begins.
  • A CIHR executive Task Force with representatives from all pillars of health research is established to oversee the design and implementation of the changes.


  • Health Research Roadmap is released: The five-year plan introduces a bold vision to reform the peer review and open funding programs.
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